Dr. Sean Mohtashami, DDS

Dentist in Newport Beach

newport-beach-where-you-can-visit-implant-dentistry-newport-beach-for-premiere-care-along-with-the-restoration-of-your-confidence-and-smileDealing with the loss of a tooth can bring many unforeseen problems. We often take for granted how much of a role our smile plays in our communication with the world around us, and in every tasks like eating. However, once a tooth or two are aching or missing, we really begin to feel the difference.

If you are a resident of Newport Beach, we invite you to visit Implant Dentistry Newport Beach for premiere care along with the restoration of your confidence and smile.

A Pioneer in Dental Implantology

Throughout his dental career at Implant Dentistry Newport Beach, Dr. Sean Mohtashami has worked with thousands of patients all around Orange County to bring them functional and smile restoring implant solutions. As a founding father of the dental implant movement, Dr. Sean utilizes modern scanning technology to diagnose your unique needs and provide an accurate, permanent implant treatment, such as:

Beachside Living in Newport Beach

newport-beach-where-throughout-his-dental-career-at-implant-dentistry-dr-richard-seberg-has-placed-over-8000-dental-implantsIf you’re looking for a different way to ease your mind in Newport Beach, why not visit the coastal beach areas. Featuring clean, sandy shorelines, incredible sunsets, and nearby food and drink vendors, you can hardly go wrong with an afternoon at the beach. Make sure to enjoy the nearby shopping opportunities and frequent special events and activities nearby.

What would a trip to the beach be without something sweet afterward? Stop by the local favorite, Ruby’s Shake Shack, for a burger, fries, and creamy milkshake to wrap up your day at the beach. You might get there in time to have a scenic sunset as the perfect backdrop!

Are missing teeth keeping you from enjoying your favorite meal? Ask about our Teeth in a Day treatment to see if it’s right for you. Contact Implant Dentistry Newport Beach to schedule a free, no-hassle consultation today.

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