Dr. Sean Mohtashami, DDS

Comprehensive Oral Care for Your Entire Smile

For over 20 years, our Newport Beach dentist has transformed the health, lives, and smiles of people just like you. While Dr. Sean Mohtashami is recognized as a pioneer in the field of dental implantology, our office also provides general services that include:female-dental-patient-relaxed-because-over-40-years-her-newport-beach-dentist-has-transformed-the-health-lives-and-smiles-of-people-just-like-her

Exams and Diagnostic X-rays

The very first step on any oral care journey is a comprehensive exam. Dr. Sean will thoroughly assess the health of your existing teeth, gum, and bone structure. But he will also listen carefully to your personal smile goals, needs, and concerns. Together, you and Dr. Sean will create a long-term care plan that delivers the highest level of comfort and aesthetic presentation possible.

Cleanings and Periodontal Therapy

Our Registered Dental Hygienist performs gentle cleanings to keep your teeth and gums free from the effects of periodontal disease. If symptoms of gum detachment or bone loss are present, we also provide therapeutic scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) procedures to reverse the disease process.

3D CT Scans

dental-patient-happy-that-her-registered-dental-hygienist-performs-gentle-cleanings-to-keep-her-teeth-and-gums-free-from-the-effects-of-periodontal-diseaseOne of the ways we ensure the most accurate implant placement available is by referencing 3D digital scans of your orofacial anatomy.

Tooth Colored Fillings and Crowns

We feel that utilizing high quality, cosmetic materials such as porcelain and composite resin is both beneficial to our patient’s appearance as well as the function of their teeth. Dr. Sean chooses to place tooth colored fillings, as they are less invasive to the teeth, and provide a long-lasting bond. For areas of greater damage, a full coverage crown can better preserve long-term integrity.

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