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Implant Bridges Replace Multiple Teeth at One Time

Why wear a removable partial denture when our Newport Beach dentist can place a set of dental implants in just one visit and you can walk out with brand new teeth?why-wear-a-removable-partial-denture-when-a-newport-beach-dentist-can-place-a-set-of-dental-implants-in-just-one-visit-and-you-can-walk-out-with-brand-new-teeth

What is an Implant Supported Bridge?

Instead of grinding down completely healthy teeth in order to place a fixed bridge, an implant bridge is supported on each end by independent implants. These prosthetic roots allow Dr. Sean Mohtashami to create custom bridges for any number of missing teeth, in any part of your smile. Whether it’s three teeth or seven, eachinstead-of-grinding-down-completely-healthy-teeth-in-order-to-place-a-fixed-bridge-an-implant-bridge-is-supported-on-each-end-by-independent-implants bridge utilizes precisely placed implants that support the fixed restoration in a predictable and efficient manner.
Like traditional bridges, the prosthesis mimics the appearance of several porcelain crowns bonded side by side. Dr. Sean carefully determines the shape, size, and color of each tooth so that it resembles a natural smile. Traditional bridges also require cutting down the structure of healthy teeth in order to replace the ones between them. An implant bridge saves your missing teeth, and the healthy ones adjacent to the open space.

An implant bridge allows you to:

  • Preserve your healthy teeth
  • Fill in the space caused by missing ones
  • Avoid wearing a partial denture
  • Enhance the health of your jawbone
  • Enjoy a permanent alternative to tooth replacement

Implant supported bridges are healthier for your smile as a whole, because they prevent us from having to grind down or alter healthy tooth structure on neighboring teeth. They also prevent you from losing bone or having to wear a removable prosthesis.

Dr. Sean knows which techniques and bridge methods work best on his patients. We’re happy to book a private assessment so that you can find out (for free) whether an implant bridge is a viable option for your dental needs.

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