Dr. Sean Mohtashami, DDS

Implant Supported Dentures

using-ct-scanning-technology-a-dentist-uses-a-computer-guided-process-to-place-the-implants-in-a-manner-thats-completely-pain-freeIf you’ve lost teeth because of gum disease or pyorrhea, have a history of osteoporosis, or have lost all of your teeth due to a lack of dental care growing up, you might feel that wearing a denture is better than going through the pain and misery of having missing teeth. But dentures move around, leave sores on your gums, and make it difficult to speak with confidence.

Thankfully, our Newport Beach implant dentist has a better option: implant supported dentures.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

Many people have heard of techniques like the All on 4 process, or Teeth in a Day. Dr. Sean Mohtashami’s implant supported dentures:

  • Are customized to your specific oral anatomy and bite needs
  • Enhance your ability to speak more clearly
  • Make it easier to eat the foods you love – with confidence
  • Complements your natural facial profile
  • Strengthens the bone throughout your jaws
  • Give you an entirely new smile in just a few simple steps

More Comfortable Than You Would Think!

if-youre-struggling-with-an-uncomfortable-denture-that-hurts-to-wear-an-implant-supported-denture-is-an-excellent-alternativeUsing CT scanning technology, Dr. Sean uses a computer guided process to place the implants in a manner that’s completely pain free. Being that bone structure is free of nerves, it isn’t able to convey pain signals to your brain. Thanks to computerized placement techniques, even the surgery itself results in hardly any bleeding.

Your new, implant supported denture can be fixed permanently in place, or even snap in and out for easy cleaning. But don’t worry, even the removable denture options fit so snugly in place, that it can take a bit of practice to remove them on your own.

You Owe it to Yourself to Find Out More

Are you having a hard time getting through a meal or talking on the phone? Your removable denture could be bulky or ill-fitting to the point that you avoid social interactions altogether. An implant supported denture can change that in an instant…giving you permanent new teeth that never slip out of place.

Dr. Sean’s keen eye and surgical experience allows us to provide fixed implant dentures and overdentures for patients that might have been turned away from other providers. All you need to get started is to schedule a no-fuss consultation with us to find out if you’re a candidate for the treatment.

Call Today. You’ll Wonder What Took You So Long!

If you’re struggling with an uncomfortable denture that hurts to wear, keeps you from being able to eat a meal in public, or impacts your confidence – an implant supported denture is an excellent alternative. Call Dr. Sean today to schedule a complimentary consultation!

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