Dr. Sean Mohtashami, DDS

Permanent Tooth Replacement

with-a-single-implant-you-can-replace-your-missing-tooth-in-just-one-day-without-jeopardizing-the-health-of-the-rest-of-your-smileDental implants use biocompatible materials that serve as prosthetic tooth roots to support a fixed restoration. When you’re missing a single tooth, it’s the closest thing to having a natural tooth all over again. Placing a porcelain crown over your independent new tooth gives you a function and feel unlike any other type of tooth replacement.

Newport Beach Teeth in a Day

In the past, replacing a missing tooth meant you had to have a dental bridge made. Conventional dental bridges compromise the integrity of other teeth in order to replace just one. With a single implant, you can replace your missing tooth in just one day, without jeopardizing the health of the rest of your smile.

Using CT scanning equipment, Dr. Sean Mohtashami can precisely place the implants into the bone digitally, prior to your surgery. This allows us to maximize the current anatomical structures rather than require additional surgeries or painful procedures.

Single implant teeth are perfect for replacing teeth that:

  • Were extracted because of an emergency
  • Experienced a failed root canal
  • Are knocked out during an accident

It’s More Than Just a Missing Tooth

Choosing to use dental implants to replace your missing teeth is the least invasive type of option for restoring your smile’s look and function. Not only do they function as independent teeth – single implants enhance the bone and support around your adjacent teeth. The results prevent the invasiveness of conventional bridges while complementing your facial profile.

Dr. Sean has placed thousands of dental implants for our Newport Beach patients. As a leader in modern implantology, his extensive skill and experience enables us to provide comprehensive therapies to patients that might be turned away elsewhere. A free assessment is all that you need to get started.

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Our smile communicates our thoughts and feelings to the world around us. If we feel too self-conscious to smile, laugh, or talk to other people – what are they going to think? If you feel too embarrassed to share your smile, then it’s time to schedule a complimentary consultation with an implant dentist – Dr. Sean Mohtashami. Thanks to his precise techniques and methodology, we haven’t had to turn away an implant patient in well over 15 years. You owe it to yourself to find out more about Tooth in a Day and other options including implant supported dentures. Call us today!