Dr. Sean Mohtashami, DDS

Sedation Dentistry in Newport Beach

patient-who-prefered-to-have-all-of-her-dental-treatment-completed-while-she-slept-through-the-entire-visitWould you prefer to have all of your dental treatment completed while you slept through the entire visit? You can. Dr. Sean Mohtashami, provides convenient sedation dentistry options right here in our Newport Beach office, so that you can experience the ultimate level of relaxation.

Dr. Sean may recommend sedation if you:

  • Need more complex treatments
  • Have a longer appointment that needs to be completed
  • Feel anxious about visiting the dentist
  • Have had a traumatic dental experience in the past
  • Suffer from a sensitive gag reflex or hypersensitive teeth
  • Would prefer to just “wake up” to a brand new smile

IV Sedation With a Licensed Anesthesiologist

female-dental-patient-happy-that-a-more-moderate-form-of-relaxation-oral-conscious-sedation-is-a-convenient-choiceIntravenous sedation offers the most relaxing and comprehensive type of sedation in private practice dentistry. We bring a licensed anesthesiologist into our practice to ensure the ultimate level of safety for each and every person that we care for. Your safety is our top priority at all times.

Conscious Oral Sedation

For a more moderate form of relaxation, oral conscious sedation is a convenient choice. Taking a prescription medication an hour before your procedure helps you feel as if you’re daydreaming or taking a light nap as we complete your necessary treatment. The medication wears off within just a few hours.

Go to Sleep. Wake Up a New Person.

If you’ve been putting your smile’s needs off because you hate going to the dentist – you’re not alone. But now you can go to sleep and wake up with an entirely new set of teeth. Call Implant Dentistry Newport Beach today to schedule a complimentary consultation with our leading implant dentist!

Thanks to sedation dentistry, we can help you sleep right through any dental procedure and wake up with a brand new smile. You won’t have to miss extra work, classes, or drive back and forth for multiple appointments. As a licensed sedation dentist, Dr. Sean has helped thousands of our patients enjoy the most comfortable experience possible! If you’re not sure whether or not sedation is an option for you, we invite you to call for more information.

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